Sunday, November 7, 2010

Photo Shoot Outfit Ideas: Romantic Blush

On of the most common questions I get before doing a shoot is, 'what do I wear?!' I truly enjoy this part (probably in large part due to my minor in design, merchandising and textiles). I am happy to talk through options with clients, do a closet visit, or take a short shopping trip! I have decided I will start posting options that you may be able to plan your own ensemble around (or just gather ideas from!).

The most important rule of dressing for a personal photo shoot is to highlight YOUR personality, and most of all, be comfortable. Although, keep in mind, that some of your favorites might not always transfer to what looks good in a photo. Stark white button downs with little to no details, for example, does not usually look as well in a photo as in person. Keep in mind what colors look good on YOU. Don't forget about the environment you will be doing your photo shoot in, and factor that in to your final decision (using a red brick wall as a backdrop means you might not want to wear a red shirt). Also, my favorite rule: things don't have to "match" they just have to flow to complete your look.

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